Quality Policy and Accreditation

Our policies guide our practices and The Talbot Group ensures all policies are in line with professional guidelines, legislation and HIQA standards. All policy content is researched and evidence-based to guarantee best practice and quality care.

In order to deliver quality care The Talbot Group:

• Delivers ongoing staff training in all areas of care to a high standard.
• Complies with HIQA standards and current legislation.
• Ensures each member of the multidisciplinary team (MDT) works within their scope of practice and adheres to their individual professional code of practice.
• Agrees Contracts of Care for all clients.
• Maintains robust policies and procedures.


All staff complete an induction which covers mandatory training such as manual handling, first aid, health and safety, fire training and group policies and procedures.

HIQA Standards and Legislation

The Health Information and Quality Authority (HIQA) ensures all nursing homes follow the “National Quality Standards for Residential Care Settings for Older People in Ireland”, published in July 2007. Nursing homes are registered only if they are compliant with these standards. Our nursing homes are inspected by HIQA on a regular basis to ensure compliance with the standards.

HIQA have also developed the “National Quality Standards for Residential Services for People with Disabilities”. These standards will be backed by legislation in the near future and in preparation for these standards, our Disability Services are already maintaining them.

To ensure compliance with standards and readiness for HIQA inspections, internal auditing is ongoing in all our units.

Multi Disciplinary Team

Our team includes Nursing, Psychology, Occupational Therapy, Psychiatry, Physiotherapy and other required disciplines. Each member of the team is affiliated with their professional body, adheres to a professional code of conduct and works within their scope of practice.

Policies and Procedures

All units have developed unit-appropriate policies which are all evidence-based to reflect best practice. We have a Policy Review Committee who meet regularly to ensure the latest information is taken into consideration. Policies include:

• Responding to Abuse
• Complaints
• Medication Management
• Infection Control
• Nutrition
• Risk Management
• Challenging Behaviour 
   and many more.

HIQA have identified 15 policies that must be followed by nursing homes and all of these are included in the Talbot Group policies. They can be viewed on the HIQA website, www.hiqa.ie

The Talbot Group is a member of Nursing Homes Ireland who provide invaluable up-to-date information, evidence-based guidelines to guarantee continuing quality care is being delivered. Visit the NHI website here www.nhi.ie

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